Introduction to The Music of Ministry in the Church

The Power of Music

Marketers make use of songs to influence all of us of the time. They utilize the brief jingle to make sure Music-Staff-Curlythat you remember their clothing and boost the possibilities that you would purchase it. I’ve witnessed the prominent power of music throughout church services for the good and the bad. I’ve been in churches where the music program was the basis of bringing folks into the church and hopefully enhance membership. I’m sure you have found out about churches that boast about their band, choir, or praise as well as praise team for instance.

Wired for Music

Singing is powerful. Music has a definite impact on us in all facets of our lives. Songs can transform the state of mind of a person, function as a carrier for tips, as well as affect the thoughts. You can see the value of music, as a child learns the alphabet by song. Be honest for a minute, when you are going through the a list that is alphabetized, you hear the song in your head. I’ve often told my wife if she wants me to remember something she will have to sing it to me.

I’m sure you have actually experienced a situation where you happen to listen to a certain tune or a song on the radio and you begin to experience emotions based on past events. You have linked those events in your memory by attaching them to that song or music.

We all have singers and songs that impact us. Maybe its a particular style of music – Southern Gospel, Contemporary Praise, whatever – that touches us in away that nothing else does. ┬áIt has the power to move us.

Music a Powerful Force

Remember how David made use of songs to relieve King Saul when a troubling spirit tormented him.

Let our lord now command your servants ‘who are before you to seek out a man who is skillful in playing the lyre, and when the harmful spirit from the God is upon you, he will play it and you will be well.’

Music can change emotions, restore mood and move you to action. There is a different music played at funerals than at sporting events. There is a different kind of music played at a child’s birthday party than played by the military. Music can entertain you by making you feel good about yourself or it can illicit the selfless act of worship.

Stop thinking of music in terms of what you like and start thinking of it in terms of what it can accomplish in your life. Your church’s music shouldn’t entertain, it should move you to worship!


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