Why Revival Tarries

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Will Revival Tarry While You Refuse to Repent?

God’s people are the problem!

It’s not the lost that prevent revival. The atheist isn’t standing in the way of revival in America. The fact that the Supreme Court doesn’t recognize the rights of Christianity isn’t blocking revival. It isn’t even the lack of morality in places of leadership that stops the work of God. None of those things are keeping the Holy Spirit of God from moving in a supernatural way upon and among the people of God.

No, it’s trouble in the heart of the people who are called by His name! They alone stand between a mighty work of God and where we are today.

Salvation is a supernatural act of God that results in, as AW Tozer said, “making worshippers out of rebels.” But that rebel heart raises its ugly head from time to time and requires repentance to restore fellowship. The only cure for a rebel heart of unbelief is repentance.

…did Jesus not warn God’s people that they must repent or perish? Read the account in Matthew 4:17, Luke 13:1-9 and Luke 17:20-36. Repentance among God’s people requires an immediate turning that changes our heart, will and actions. Repentance requires a changed lifestyle. Therefore, we too must heed Christ’s warning for our own generation.  -Henry Blackaby

Complacency slides in where the heart is quick to blame outside forces as the reason for no work of God. The average church today wouldn’t skip a beat if the Spirit of God withdrew Himself from the service. Most church members wouldn’t know a true work of God if they witnessed it first hand.

That act of repentance can begin a supernatural act of God whereby the Holy Spirit has a new control in the life of the believer.

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