Summer Vacation Is In Full Swing...

We're in full blown summer mode. Each week some people will be gone because of travel and vacations. Some regular spots will be empty for a weekdog-days or two. Let's rejoice in the Lord for the opportunity to spend some relaxing time in the summer. God made the season for a reason.


Here's what you can expect from Murphy Hill Baptist Church during the summer months:

  • Sunday School still meets at 9:15 every Sunday Morning
  • Worship will still follow Sunday School at 10:30
  • Evening Services as usual
  • The Word will still be taught and preached
  • Christ will still be exalted
  • People will still be introduced to the Savior
  • You'll still be loved and cared for like always
  • Vacation Bible School will still happen *

It's our prayer that all of our people enjoy whatever time off they get. We pray for our kids that they'll be safe as they enjoy time out of school.

A church is a fellowship. As a fellowship we support one another. That means someone different could be teaching a class, singing or preaching. It's what we do, when we support one another during summer months.

As we exalt Christ together, let's love one another in the labor...

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